Strategies for Boosting the Shares of Your Articles and the Visibility of Your Blog

Ten proven techniques to increase the shares of your articles, generate traffic and explode your online visibility.

1) Write at least 1,000 words long, content

Comprehensive and complete articles get more shares than the short articles. This is because, usually, they are also the most rich in useful information and practical advice.

2) Focuses on post-list and infographics

Readers love the information expressed visually as a list or because they are easier to understand and assimilate. You can quickly create your own infographics using Easelly or Piktochart. Alternatively you can share in your articles the infographics of other sites (in this case remember to always return the source); Example:

3) Use Call to action in your posts

Or phrases that encourage the reader to take a specific action. The best way to get from your reader a share is to ask you for it (very simple huh?). The inquiry will elicit more favorable responses if will be accompanied by a statement of reasons. No matter what, invent something, but always add a motivation. Some examples?

“Share this article, do me a big favor”

“Today is my birthday. Give me a gift, share this article ”

“If you liked this article, share it”

If you want to do even better, differentiates the font of the Call to action to distinguish them from the content of the article. The plugin Use any font will allow you to upload new fonts on WordPress and quickly format selected text in the manner you prefer.

4) Use a plugin that makes simple obvious and compelling buttons showing shares

The choice is wide: you can use Crest Social Share Counter, Really Simple Share, Shareaholic and many others.

5) Place share buttons in the right place

The reader will not go up and down the page looking for them. Users are more likely to share an article just to read over, when they understood and appreciated its content. Therefore, place your sharing buttons especially at the end of the article, and always immediately after a Call to Action.

Care to use the “floating bars”, those that appear on one side of the screen and scroll together to read, because they may overlap the text when viewed on small screens like those of notebooks. In this case you will get only the result of disturbing reading your user and let him escape from your blog.

6) Make sure the total number of shares made both clearly visible

This is a very subtle ploy and unknown to most people. You have to know that people have unconsciously need to feel part of a group and this will be more likely to share a post, which already shows a fair number of shares cancelled.

Also, make sure that this number is visible at the top of the article: it’s a good way to communicate immediately the value of your content in the eyes of the reader.

Several plugins allow you to view the total number of shares, in addition to those carried out on every single social network, and put the bar sharing buttons at the beginning and at the end of the post.

7) Share your content on social networks and discussion groups

It is essential because your post starts to circulate out of your blog. But it is also a way to prevent the reader, coming on your article, you can’t find a nice “0” to “number of shares”.

8) Use the Click To Tweet

Use the plugin Click to Tweet to invite to share on Twitter a particular sentence of your content along with a link of your article. Many users prefer to share a single sentence that summarizes a concept rather than the whole article.

Tip on aphorisms. aphorisms have always been popular with readers (just look at how successful are the libraries collections of proverbs, sayings and quotations) and many love to share them on social networks

9) Don’t neglect the users who browse from your mobile devices

The traffic generated from tablets and mobile phones is growing (see this infographic and has surpassed the traffic generated from traditional desktop computers. Make sure that your sharing buttons are visible even on these devices. The plugins that I’ve advised in paragraph 4 are just fine for this purpose.

Have you ever thought of exploiting the enormous success of WhatsApp? Today on this instant messaging system will share millions of content per day. Riding on this trend and allow sharing of your articles through this service.

10) Expand your Network

Interwoven collaboration relationships with other bloggers in your same niche, promote it and they will be willing to do the same with you. In this way your visibility will expand even to readers of other blogs and your shares will benefit greatly.

Do you want to achieve maximum visibility? Tip to influencer! An influencer is a figure recognized as authoritative and expert in her field of expertise and who is able to “influence” the opinions on a certain topic with his words or his articles. If you can share your post from an influencer, unleash a veritable rain of other shares in minutes.

Relationships: How Can A Woman Tell If A Man Is Unavailable?

In spite of the fact that a lady may find that it is generally simple for her to pull in a man, what she may likewise discover is that she can’t discover a man who really needs a relationship. This may imply that she has been with various men who were relationally repressed.

All things considered, this doesn’t imply that she could understand this when she initially met every one of these men. Consequently, each time she met one of these men, she may have trusted that her fortunes was going to change.

Here and there

She would have encountered certain sentiments and contemplations toward the start and, after a specific measure of time passed, her internal world would have changed. It might have been just as she was flying at one point and at another; her wings had been taken away.

On the off chance that she ended up tumbling down inwardly, it may then have affected each other aspects of her life. She may have shifted back and forth between feeling furious at the person she was with and feeling irate at herself.

Two Options

Now, she may choose to take a break from men and to center around different parts of her life. Be that as it may, regardless of whether she was to take this course, it may just involve time before she wants to discover a man who is accessible.

Then again, it may just involve time before she winds up coming into contact with a person who she accepts is accessible. It may be distinctive this time, yet of course, it might wind up being only the equivalent as previously.

The Third Option

Another methodology would be for the lady to make a stride back and to consider why she tends to draw in these sorts of men. She will be the individual who appears each time, so it isn’t as if she is only an onlooker of what is occurring.

In the event that she is excessively joined, making it impossible to her brain, it probably won’t be workable for her to acknowledge this. There will then be no explanation behind her to search inside or to change her conduct, as it will just be tied in with finding the correct man.

Outside Focus

Thus, she may want to find out about how to detect a man who isn’t accessible. Glimpsing inside and getting some answers concerning what part she is playing is probably going to be better, yet this will be superior to nothing.

In any event on the off chance that she finds out about what the signs are, she will have the capacity to leave a great deal sooner. By concentrating completely on the outside world, it will limit the measure of agony that she should involvement.

From the get-go

What she may discover is that if a man goes ahead extremely solid toward the starting, it could demonstrate that he isn’t accessible. For so long, she may have trusted this implied he was prepared to have a relationship.

The reason this is probably going to demonstrate that something isn’t right is on the grounds that the man won’t know much about the lady, yet he will offer so much – or so it appears. On the off chance that a man really needed to have an association with a lady, he would set aside the opportunity to become more acquainted with her.

The Sensible Approach

This is like how he wouldn’t simply give an occupation to anybody in the event that he needed to contract somebody who might positively affect his business. On the off chance that a man makes the feeling that he will hop into a relationship pretty much straight away, it can demonstrate that he just can interface rationally and physically.

It is then not that he needs to ensure his heart by becoming acquainted with a lady first, as this piece of him isn’t open at any rate. His essential need can be to encounter physical delight and to satisfy his requirement for consideration and endorsement, for example.

Two Parts

What can fuel his need to associate so before long is the sentiment of dismissal and additionally relinquishment, and, what can push him away – as the relationship creates – is the sentiment of being covered. Feeling along these lines would then be able to make the man vanish, just to return once he begins to connect with the sentiments that made him please solid in the first place.

This isn’t continually going to occur, however, and the man may not come on extremely solid first and foremost. In any case, he may have the tendency to discuss his ex a considerable measure or even set forward having an open relationship.

Physically Present, Emotionally Absent

With regards to the previous, this can demonstrate that he is still sincerely appended to his ex, implying that he is just ready to offer piece of himself to another lady. Being with another lady could basically be a path for him to maintain a strategic distance from how he feels.

If he somehow happened to advance the possibility of an open relationship, it could demonstrate that he just has his body and psyche to offer. It is then not that he needs a relationship; it is progressively an instance of having various ladies accessible who will satisfy his ‘lower’ needs.

A Clear Sign

A man may go above and beyond than this and wind up having various distinctive illicit relationships. Running with other ladies can enable the man to encounter a feeling of opportunity, with this being a path for him to recapture his limits.

Drawing near to a lady will disintegrate his feeling of self and making tracks in an opposite direction from her will modify it. In this way, while this will deal with his sexual needs, it very well may be more about picking up a feeling of control.


These are only a couple of the things that a lady can pay special mind to on the off chance that she is hoping to have a relationship. If she somehow happened to search inside and to perceive what part she is playing in this, it is probably going to make it simpler for her to discover a man who is accessible.

Something that may prevent her from finding a man who can completely show up is the dread of being seen, alongside a dread of being covered. One route for her to reveal insight into why this part of her life is like this will be for her to investigate what occurred amid her initial years.

The help of an advisor or a healer might be required here.

Educator, Prolific essayist, writer, and mentor, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His smart critique and examination covers all parts of human change, including love, association, self esteem, and internal mindfulness. With more than one thousand eight hundred top to bottom articles featuring human brain research and conduct, Oliver offers trust alongside his sound guidance.

Why Art Collectors Are in Love With Floral Paintings These Days

Reproductions of floral paintings are selling like hot cakes in online stores dedicated to modern art for sale, sculpture home décor and more

With floral art and floral paintings becoming coveted products for art collectors globally, smart replications and reproductions of some of the most valued floral art forms are making their presence felt in art stores online. Art lovers have a fancy for floral art for two significant reasons, their beauty and meaning. Different flowers tend to have different kinds of symbolic messages attached to them; therefore some flowers tend to be more popular and wanted than others. Across history, artists had been inspired by the prettiest flowers and found them to be the perfect objects for their paintings.

Did you know that some of the earliest known paintings depicted flowers and plants? Here, we have assembled some floral paintings, sculpture home décor that are being purchased by art enthusiasts globally.

‘Roses and Sunflowers’ (1886):

A masterpiece by Vincent van Gogh, this 1886 creation is currently hosted at ‘Kunsthalle Mannheim’, a much famed museum showcasing modern and contemporary paintings. Like most paintings and art forms by Vincent van Gogh, this one was also created with oil upon canvas. An art store online selling floral painting reproductions would surely have this on its cards.

‘Bouquet’ (1599)

If you have already invested in the best modern art for sale online and would like to opt for something flowery for a change, then this Jan Brueghel the Elder painting is what you should go for without any further ado. Painted in 1599, the epic creation is one of the oldest floral paintings known to mankind. It portrays many beautiful flowers and serves to be a wonderful example of conventional floral art

‘Vase of Flowers’ (1480)

This coveted painting, like many others belonging to the same era, depicts religious symbolism to the hilt. These symbolic messages go back in times and may not have their desired relevance in the contemporary world; nevertheless, the painting in which they are presented is notching favors everywhere.

Still-Life of Flowers’ (1614)

This painting is unique in itself and showcases the talent of Ambrosius Bosschaert who created it in 1614. Depicting the still life lead by flowers in the best possible way, the detailing, realism and shading of the painting is beyond compare.

These and many other floral paintings are making it to the art collections of amateur and professional art enthusiasts in a big way. You may like to check out a few of such paintings for your personal or office space as well.

Celebrate Your Body Jewelry With the Best Promotion Strategies Around

Why do online shops work better today? Almost everyone has access to the internet and with that comes the exposure that leads customers directly to the brands and their websites; many of which are available at best prices, discounted rates and even have offers coupled with other exciting products. These advantages are no different when it comes to body jewelry. There is a huge market out there for the various enhancements available for exclusive admirers of body jewelry and other added accessories. New designers who are unable to advertise their wares on a large-scale can face a problem when competing with such larger brands that sport a huge budget for their advertising needs.

Trying Out the Retail Front

Opening up retail stores cost a lot of money. A shop needs to be rented or leased. Staff needs to be appointed, interiors need to be done or changed and the appropriate furniture ordered to showcase some of your best work. Collectively it can amount to a large expense; and even then you cannot guarantee that this investment will work out and you will begin to see some sort of return on your investment. Moreover there are other specialized brands which have a monopoly in this market and a small time entrepreneur,even with a uniquely created design, may not be able to make a dent in this scenario.

Getting Up Close and Personal With Piercing Shops

This is another way to sell your body jewelry. Piercing shops experience an influx of visitors and window shoppers, day-in and day-out. They are the perfect people to advertise and sell your wares. Customers see your designs directly, examine and then choose them, thereby making your creations popular. There is no added advertising cost as the shop has its own clientele. Many shops even have their own websites which will display your designs on their pages providing new and enterprising young designers, even more exposure.

Showcasing Your Work on the Web

Starting your own website has never been as easy as it is today. It doesn’t take much investment but there is the cost of taking on the technology and designing your website. Set this up and you could see your designs being displayed in a large way with orders that could be placed right on the website. Of course you will need to have a good number of designs on display to attract the customer’s eye. With a bit of advertising, you could ensure the body jewelry segment knows about your designs and your newly launched brand. Apart from that, you could also advertise on other popular shopping portals in the body jewelry market. Many popular websites offer a superb mix of wholesale products from various designers, giving them a great option to sell their exclusively designed creations.

Why Targeting Is Pretty Much Everything For Your Sales Funnel

If you’re planning to make money through a sales funnel, then by far and away the most significant thing to start thinking about is your targeting. In other words, how are you guaranteeing that it’s the right person who is getting your autoresponder messages? In which way are you ensuring that the subscribers who find their way to start of your sales funnel are the right kinds of prospects?

This is what’s called ‘targeting’ and it is genuinely the difference in earning substantial cash and making no money whatsoever.

The most effective way to demonstrate why targeting works really well is to think about sales. In sales, you have the individuals who start out their professions cold calling and selling things like training courses. These are individuals who will be picking up the telephone and trying to promote something expensive to a random stranger.

Now, some individuals will be very good at that and those people will probably be the ones who succeed. As they improve, they will be offered better and better jobs within their company and sooner or later this will lead to them generating big money.

What’s the best position?

Selling to well-qualified prospects who have a lot of cash. Consider this: if you’re able to promote something to strangers who probably haven’t got much money, it will be easy to market to affluent people who have already told you they want to buy!

This is the concept that product sales is based on and it’s how you’re going to make sure your business is prosperous when you’re making use of a sales funnel.

Because the equivalent with a sales funnel is simple and easy – this would mean locating targeted prospects and sending them to your site. It means finding people who are showing an interest in your specific niche, who are the right age and sex and who have the right income.


With the help of PPC of course! PPC stands for Pay Per Click and this is a type of marketing where you only pay each time a person clicks on your ad. PPC ads can be placed either on Google searches (through Google AdWords) or they can be put on Facebook, where they will target people according to not only their age, sex and location but also on their hobbies, interests and job title!

If you can carry this out, then you can find the exact kind of individual who is likely to purchase from you and then make sure that these are the individuals who start their journey through your sales funnel. That way, you are destined to succeed!